4 Free DIY Twitter Visualisations: The Shahbag Protest

4 Free DIY Twitter Visualisations: The Shahbag Protest
Earlier this year a mass movement occurred in Bangladesh, which received little global news coverage. It was an immensely important event to Bangladeshi’s at home and abroad. This prompted me to try and illustrate the event with Twitter data myself, merely utilizing some free web services and a few hours time. Amazingly the results are ... read more →

Shahbag Outcry 1

The news is fresh and details are only emerging about the murder of Ahmed Rajib Haider Shuvo, a blogger involved in the Shahbag protest. In today’s world we can view immediately online the outcry this provokes. Last week I wrote about the online echo on Twitter the Shahbag protest had. This time I am taking a ... read more →

Shahbag Online

The protest on the Shahbag square in Dhaka is a remarkable show of an independent, spontaneous, non-partisan movement erupting out of pain silently carried by the people of Bangladesh for decades. It is an admirable non-violent, tenacious, proud and confident protest in the real world. The protest has been partially organised online and echoes across ... read more →