Virtualizing Hadoop with NAS 3

Virtualizing Hadoop with NAS
A recent question in the Hortonworks Community ┬ámentioned someone using Hadoop in a virtualized environment with EMC’s Isilon NAS (Network Attached Storage). While this may be a valid use case for some anyone who is looking at Hadoop as more than small number crunching cluster(s) will have to reflect on this approach. Here are some ... read more →

Hadoop cluster cost of Amazon EC2 vs EMR 10

Hadoop cluster cost of Amazon EC2 vs EMR
What is the price of a small Elastic MapReduce (EMR) vs an EC2 Hadoop cluster? This article explores the price tag of switching to a small, permanent EC2 Cloudera cluster from AWS EMR. Cloud computing with Hadoop – maybe using AWS EMR or EC2 – ┬ámakes experiments with┬átemporary clusters and big data crunching easy and ... read more →