Bangladesh Liberation War Interactive Timeline 3

I prepared an interactive timeline of the Bangladesh Liberation War for Bangladesh’s victory day. It encompasses documents, images, videos, and text about the events leading up to the war and the war itself. To fully enjoy the timeline the linked image below opens a new window or tab to utilise a full screen. You will need Javascript enabled (usually the case for most browsers) and access to Youtube for the videos (apologies if your provider or country has blocked Youtube).

Bangladesh Liberation War Interactive Timeline

Bangladesh Liberation War Interactive Timeline

Please Note: I utilised several sources on the Internet to compile this timeline and referenced accordingly. I did borrow and modify a few texts from Wikipedia and did not specifically reference them for aesthetic reasons. If you find that I made a mistake or infringed a copyright please email me and I will rectify the issue.

This article was written as part of a regular column by Christian Prokopp for the daily online newspaper.

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  1. Reply Mushfiq Feb 1,2013 08:49

    Interesting, how you collected all this information?

  2. Reply Mainul Feb 16,2013 05:22

    great job! thank you very much for this.

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