Big Data Interviews

Occasionally, I receive requests for an interview to discuss Big Data besides my day job, consulting, writing and speaking. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of these. The following are recent interviews I have given.

Syncsort Big Data Blogger Interview

Mark Underwood published an interview with Christian Prokopp in January 2015 for Syncsort. Syncsort is a global software company specializing in Big Data, high speed sorting products, and data integration software and services, for Hadoop, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and mainframe systems. Mark did take time to read my blog and to come up with interesting, relevant questions. He asked about the impact of unlimited storage, post-MapReduce Hadoop, online education and more.

Bigstep Big Data Principal Consultant Interview

Bigstep did an interview with Christian Prokopp in November 2014. Bigstep is a IaaS for dedicated hosting, enterprise servers and enterprise cloud hosting services working on cloud-like Big Data on real metal/hardware. Ioana Hreninciuc did the interview and she asked questions from the perspective of my day job as Principal Consultant at Big Data Partnership. It gives a nice introduction to the work we do and why organisations start with Big Data and why consultancy in the space is needed.

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