Microservices and Tribes

Microservices and Tribes
The Microservices Architecture (MSA) is a specialisation of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helping with cohesion and decoupling. MSA is leveraging and enabling recent developments like Cloud Computing, Tribes and DevOps with Continuous Delivery of services. read more →

Promiscuous Pairing: Do it often, do it fast and learn from it 7

The past week we started at Rangespan a new pairing model based on the experience at Silver Platter described in the research paper ‘Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner’s Mind‘. Let me first introduce the traditional flow model and compare it to promiscuous pairing before I give some feedback from my experience. The paper provides compelling insight in an alternative mode of ... read more →

Quick, easy, professional – Program for free under Microsoft Windows

If you are a student, financially constraint or just interested in programming a little, there is a way to program for free and well at the same time! First of all lets assume you are a common guy with common needs so you likely will be using Microsoft Windows, looking to program for Windows possibly ... read more →