Shell One Liner: Find all files of by date

Some shell scripts or processes create files in various subdirectories. A handy one-liner can help finding all files of a certain date. read more →

Shell One Liner: Find failed processes in pipe with pipestatus

A problem with pipes is that they can fail silently since each command in it runs as its own process independent from the rest. read more →

Shell One Liner: Kill process by name 1

You probably came across the situation in linux, unix, or OS X where a bad cron job or shell script spawned a large number of processes of the same kind and you want to kill them all. read more →

Shell One Liner: Sum file sizes

Ever wanted to find some files in a directory or by pattern and sum up their file size? read more →

Promiscuous Pairing: Do it often, do it fast and learn from it 7

The past week we started at Rangespan a new pairing model based on the experience at Silver Platter described in the research paper ‘Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner’s Mind‘. Let me first introduce the traditional flow model and compare it to promiscuous pairing before I give some feedback from my experience. The paper provides compelling insight in an alternative mode of ... read more →