4 Free DIY Twitter Visualisations: The Shahbag Protest

4 Free DIY Twitter Visualisations: The Shahbag Protest
Earlier this year a mass movement occurred in Bangladesh, which received little global news coverage. It was an immensely important event to Bangladeshi’s at home and abroad. This prompted me to try and illustrate the event with Twitter data myself, merely utilizing some free web services and a few hours time. Amazingly the results are ... read more →

Big Data at Mendeley

Big Data at Mendeley is about similarity measures and comparing documents, groups, and users for search, deduplication, recommendations and classification. read more →

Voronoi Tessellation

The Voronoi Tesselation (or Voronoy Tessellation) by Georgy Feodosevich Voronoy/Вороной Георгий Феодосьевич (1908) is a technique that enables the division of a such multi-dimensional spaces into subspaces. Its application defines geometric areas equivalent to subspaces by defining several vectors as centres of subspaces. Any other vector in space can then be attributed to the closest centre ... read more →