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I am spending a few days in Dhaka and am taking the opportunity to meet some companies working on Big Data and give some talks.

A technical introduction to Big Data architectures

BUET Big Data architecture talkPresenter: Dr Christian Prokopp

Date and Time: 19th August, 2014, Tuesday at 11am

Venue: IAC Seminar Room, Dept of CSE, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Big Data encompasses “data sets that are too large and complex to manipulate
or interrogate with standard methods or tools”. Recently the velocity,
variety, and volume of data sets in all industries has grown and dramatically
changed the way we store and process data. New patterns, architectures, and
technologies have emerged to deal with them. This talk will introduce Big Data
as a concept and showcase some of the new approaches to deal with it. We will
discuss a practical use case and architecture to understand why, when, and how
to apply technologies and patterns to manage Big Data and what to consider.

Big Data: Will the future be Big Brother or Big Sister?

Big Data architecture talk at Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyPresenter: Dr Christian Prokopp

Date and Time: 21st of August,2014, 3 pm to 5 pm

Venue: Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) lecture gallery

Unknown to most information technology is being revolutionised by Big Data in a way that will affected everyone. In the last two years alone we created nine times more data than all the data together in mankind’s history before. At this very moment a large number of the smartest people on this planet work on novel ways to manage and exploit this data.

This talk, aimed at a general audience, will introduce the key aspects of Big Data – what is it, why is it happening, and most importantly where are we heading. Big Data has tremendous potential for good and evil. For example, what if we could know all your future diseases? Your doctor may be able to treat you personalised and preventively, or every insurance may deny you coverage and every company employment.

The Daily Ittefaq round table discussion

Silicon Bangladesh Round Table

Topic: “How can we establish a Silicon Bangladesh and can it help drive the development of a broad Digital Bangladesh?”

Chief guest: State minister, Information & Communication Technology Division, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP

Keynote: Dr Christian Prokopp, Principal Consultant, Big Data Partnership, UK

Special guest: Bickey Russell, Head of Agency Development, Google USA

Speaker: Fayaz Taher, Co-founder

Venue: The Daily Ittefaq office, Dhaka

Keynote abstract:
Silicon Bangladesh Round Table - The Daily IttefaqSilicon Bangladesh is an elite nucleus of innovative digital organisations, which take advantage of Bangladesh‘s untapped, numerous brilliant minds and current technology trends like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Online Education, and Open Data. Their entrepreneurship and research could enable Bangladesh to compete in the global digital world and in turn countrywide revolutionise (e-)commerce, services, education and information.

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  1. Reply Habib Aug 19,2014 07:22

    Thank you very much for the talk. I am more focused on the business side of big data. And I learnt few very important issues I should be focused on while providing solutions to my clients.


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