Crowd Funding Activism: Put Your Money Where Your ‘Like’ Is

In the Internet age many people utilise technology to spread information, make themselves heard, organise demonstrations, or simply click like to show their support for a cause. The latter is sometimes belittled as the equivalent of a couch potato’s self-gratifying response to a pressing issue. It gives you a warm feeling but has no impact. ... read more →

Bangladesh Liberation War Interactive Timeline 3

I prepared an interactive timeline of the Bangladesh Liberation War for Bangladesh’s victory day. It encompasses documents, images, videos, and text about the events leading up to the war and the war itself. To fully enjoy the timeline the linked image below opens a new window or tab to utilise a full screen. You will ... read more →

9+ Free Online Data Science Resources You Should Know 1

Data Science is a hot topic and there are plenty of courses and resources available to anyone interested. Try out these 9 free resources to get started if you are new to the topic or want to refresh on one of the subjects. read more →

Visualising the data behind the story: Bangladesh surpasses India in life expectancy

The recent Economist article ‘The path through the fields’ described how Bangladeshis’ life expectancy has risen significantly beyond that of Indians in the last decades. This happened despite India becoming much more wealthy than Bangladesh in the same period. The Economist tried to answer why this occurred. It is hard to achieve causality in these cases and ... read more →

Cloud Computing And China: Two Sides Of A Digital Bangladesh

Cloud Computing And China: Two Sides Of A Digital Bangladesh
What can the current digital Bangladesh policy, an attempt to improve connectivity, information access and literacy, achieve for Bangladesh? While the policy is well intended, in Bangladesh, like anywhere else in the world, a government can merely provide an environment for economic development. Individuals and businesses subsequently have to take advantage of emerging opportunities, some explicit and others ... read more →

Data Scientists, do good with Big Data 1

Earlier this month, I attended the O’Reilly Strata conference in London about all things data science. Data science is the current IT industry hype, concerned with big data, another hype. Big data can be summarised as growing data that is unwieldily large, potentially unstructured, and thus hard to manage and extract value from with current technology, tools, and ... read more →

The end of higher education as we know it 1

The end of higher education as we know it
There is, certainly, a remarkable demand in Bangladesh. Parents long to send their children to these countries and institutes. They are the gateway for a high-income job and potentially a foreign residency or citizenship. A dream dreamt by many middle class parents. Drive through Gulshan or any other urban area and you will see numerous ... read more →

Shell One Liner: Find all files of by date

Some shell scripts or processes create files in various subdirectories. A handy one-liner can help finding all files of a certain date. read more →

Shell One Liner: Find failed processes in pipe with pipestatus

A problem with pipes is that they can fail silently since each command in it runs as its own process independent from the rest. read more →

Shell One Liner: Kill process by name 1

You probably came across the situation in linux, unix, or OS X where a bad cron job or shell script spawned a large number of processes of the same kind and you want to kill them all. read more →