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Dr Christian Prokopp

Dr Christian Prokopp

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Christian translates data related business challenges into visions and comprehensive, executable strategies. He leads successful senior teams and develops roadmaps and architectures in the area of Big Data combining data operations, data engineering and data science.

Christian is a talented communicator. He is experienced in writing white papers, presenting in front of large crowds, in boardrooms, to investors, and negotiating with customers and suppliers including under challenging circumstances. He can engage engineers and data scientists as easily as C-level leaders. He plans strategically, yet regularly measures and evaluates the business’s success. He is skilled in breaking down complex problems into achievable short-term goals and a long-term guiding strategy. He has comprehensive international experience living and working in Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as managing geographically dispersed teams.

Christian has a rich technical background encompassing software engineering, cloud computing, DevOps, data engineering, architecture and data science. In his career, he developed software in numerous languages with a focus on quality and testing. He designed and built Hadoop and cloud-native solutions before most companies explored either, and continues to stay current working with the serverless pattern, for example.

Christian started his career in software engineering before expanding his horizon with studies in Commerce and research in Computer Science. In the last twelve years, Christian specialised in Big Data starting with research and hands-on work progressing to thought-leadership and strategic work. Currently, he is the CDO at Brady plc an Energy and Commodities software company. Previously, he led the International Analytics Solution Development Practice at Think Big Analytics, a Teradata company. He has been part of two successful exits including one to Google.

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