Hartals drain Bangladesh’s potential

Over the decades hartals have become commonplace in Bangladesh’s politics. There have been a variety of claims about the economic impact. However, data on hartals is scarce and the long-term impact of decades of hartals is hard to fathom. Moody’s recently warned that the current unrests pose continued economic risk. It too did not quantify ... read more →

Democratize Big Data With Hadoop and Hive

Democratize Big Data With Hadoop and Hive
You have started to process data with cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Service (AWS)’s Elastic MapReduce (EMR). Now that you use it regularly, other stakeholders are getting curious. You increasingly find yourself firing up an EMR cluster to quickly answer a question or try something out. It may be time to change the way ... read more →

Get Started: Big Data Crunching in the Cloud

Get Started: Big Data Crunching in the Cloud
Even if your business case is constantly evolving, you will still want to leverage big data, but being tied to a single infrastructure will limit your capital and your options. Big data is not a starting point but a destination for many startups and teams. It becomes a conversation point as a result of the ... read more →

Shahbag Outcry 1

The news is fresh and details are only emerging about the murder of Ahmed Rajib Haider Shuvo, a blogger involved in the Shahbag protest. In today’s world we can view immediately online the outcry this provokes. Last week I wrote about the online echo on Twitter the Shahbag protest had. This time I am taking a ... read more →

Shahbag Online

The protest on the Shahbag square in Dhaka is a remarkable show of an independent, spontaneous, non-partisan movement erupting out of pain silently carried by the people of Bangladesh for decades. It is an admirable non-violent, tenacious, proud and confident protest in the real world. The protest has been partially organised online and echoes across ... read more →

Bangladesh Liberation War Interactive Timeline 3

I prepared an interactive timeline of the Bangladesh Liberation War for Bangladesh’s victory day. It encompasses documents, images, videos, and text about the events leading up to the war and the war itself. To fully enjoy the timeline the linked image below opens a new window or tab to utilise a full screen. You will ... read more →

9+ Free Online Data Science Resources You Should Know 1

Data Science is a hot topic and there are plenty of courses and resources available for anyone interested. Try out these 9 free resources to get started if you are new to the topic or want to refresh on one of the subjects. read more →

Visualising the data behind the story: Bangladesh surpasses India in life expectancy

The recent Economist article ‘The path through the fields’ described how Bangladeshis’ life expectancy has risen significantly beyond that of Indians in the last decades. This happened despite India becoming much more wealthy than Bangladesh in the same period. The Economist tried to answer why this occurred. It is hard to achieve causality in these cases and ... read more →

Data Scientists, do good with Big Data 1

Earlier this month, I attended the O’Reilly Strata conference in London about all things data science. Data science is the current IT industry hype, concerned with big data, another hype. Big data can be summarised as growing data that is unwieldily large, potentially unstructured, and thus hard to manage and extract value from with current technology, tools, and ... read more →

Big Data at Mendeley

Big Data at Mendeley is about similarity measures and comparing documents, groups, and users for search, deduplication, recommendations and classification. read more →